The Design Professional team is excited to announce that it will be updating the AXA XL EDGE, its learning management system (LMS).

While making these changes, the system will be down for a brief period of time. Once we are back online, you'll have access to the same great information and resources, plus some added features.

Key Dates and Information:

  • System Downtime: To accommodate the system migration, the EDGE platform will be unavailable from Monday, May 22 to Monday, June 12.
  • Access the Contract Guide: The Guide will remain available on the current EDGE LMS homepage by clicking the "Access the Contract Guide" button on the banner image below or by clicking here.
  • Immediate Deadline: If you are enrolled in a time-sensitive course that requires completion within the system shutdown timeframe, we kindly request that you reach out to your broker. They will work with our underwriting staff to provide support.
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