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Nature of Smoke

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Nature of Smoke

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This course is approved/registered with AIA (American Institute of Architects). If you are an AIA member, once you pass the course we will submit your hours directly to the AIA for you so they are entered into your transcript.

This self-paced online training course covers the harmful nature of smoke to building occupants in the event of a fire. It is not unusual for more injuries and deaths to be caused by smoke inhalation rather than from being burned by the fire itself.

Upon completion you should be able to:

  • Understand the physical nature and properties of smoke
  • Describe how smoke affects visibility
  • Understand the toxicity of smoke
  • Understand the temperature effects of smoke

Who Will Benefit

Anyone whose job involves designing, reviewing, evaluating or installing fire protection systems, including: designers, installers, engineers, electrical contractors, technicians, project managers, fire marshals, and architects

Course Summary

  • Smoke is defined by the NFPA as, "The airborne solid and liquid particulates and gases evolved when a material undergoes pyrolysis or combustion, together with quantity of air that is or otherwise mixed into the mass."
  • Studies on the causes of fire deaths have typically indicated that carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning accounts for roughly one-half of total fatalities. Direct burns, explosive pressures, and various other toxic gases account for the remaining half.
  • Exposure to elevated temperature atmospheres can lead to hypothermia and possibly burns.

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