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Module 1: Introduction to Emergency Communications Systems

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Module 1: Introduction to Emergency Communications Systems

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This course presents an introduction to Emergency Communications Systems concepts and applications

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the general characteristics of an ECS
  • Describe the ECS monitoring requirements
  • Distinguish among ECS requirements in Chapter 24, other NFPA 72 Chapters, and in other Codes
  • Compare the qualities of effective ECSs with unacceptable ECS designs
  • Know the requirements for approving ECS messages
  • Define the ECS communication system-types and their application
  • Explain the relationship between intelligibility and audibility
  • Identify pathway survivability requirements
  • List the requirements and equipment used in an ECS acceptance test
  • Define an Area of Refuge ECS and its differences with other ECS
  • Describe an acoustically distinguishable space
  • Discuss the role of risk analysis in the ECS design process
  • Distinguish the characteristics of a mass notification system (MNS), a type of ECS

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