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Module 2: Risk Analysis Concepts within Emergency Communication Systems

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Module 2: Risk Analysis Concepts within Emergency Communication Systems

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This course provides an introduction to the role of Risk Analysis in Emergency Communications Systems.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose of Risk Analysis and define its 3 interrelated elements
  • Understand the purpose of Risk Analysis Reports
  • Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative Risk Analysis Reports
  • Define Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Controls as they pertain to Qualitative Risk Analysis methodologies, and the four types of Controls.
  • Know what must be answered before a Protective Strategy can be implemented
  • Understand the key Risk Analysis factors for Mass Notification Systems (MNS)
  • Understand the importance of the Risk Analysis Checklist as it relates to MNS design
  • Identify the requirements for Risk Analysis Documentation
  • List the 3 risk analysis factors in Emergency Planning Identify the 4 elements comprising Risk Mitigation
  • Understand what cannot be expected from a MNS, and what is required for successful Emergency Response Planning
  • Define Situational Awareness in the context of ECS
  • Understand time requirements for communications using MNS in Emergency Planning
  • Gain awareness of Owner(s) responsibility and the questions they should answer in Emergency Planning

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