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Active Assailant Awareness and Response

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Active Assailant Awareness and Response

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Active assailant awareness and response training is a critical part of a corporate commitment to workplace violence prevention and comprehensive emergency management

No one wants to think about the risk – or reality – of a deliberate attack by an active assailant. And it’s easy to put other priorities ahead of planning for something that the odds clearly say may never actually happen to you. But the risk of life-threatening violence is an unfortunate reality in the world we live and work in today. It’s a reality prone to rapid shifts and surprises as assailants select new targets and attack techniques. That is why it is both a personal and business responsibility that we do everything possible to prevent and prepare for the worst.

Think. React. Survive.™ Active Assailant Awareness and Response Training

A new approach to active assailant education, Think. React. Survive.™ teaches participants to calmly think and react within the chaos of an unexpected attack. It is an effective way to provide your workforce with a life-saving skillset should they ever have to face an attack by an active assailant.

Developed by security risk management experts at Hillard Heintze, the goal of Think. React. Survive.™ is to create a sense of confidence – not fear. We took great care to organize and present this important information in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand and relate to what they are learning.

Designed to build learning as it progresses through each of three critical sections

Part 1 - Think: Puts the focus first on the assailants to help participants better understand who and what they may be facing.

Part 2 -React: Progresses to the key concepts of situational awareness and stresses the importance of reacting quickly and calmly.

Part 3 - Survive: Guides trainees through the active and ongoing process of thinking and reacting in order to carry out the best of one or more life-saving options that are fundamental to the national standard of Run. Hide. Fight.

Each section includes video segments and interactive assessments to reinforce key concepts and engage participants with different learning styles. The training finishes up with an emphasis on prevention and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Upon completion you should be able to

· Know how to act to save their own life and step up to the demands of making critical decisions in what may be only seconds or minutes of time.

· Use new understanding, situational awareness and survival tactics to go beyond the basics of Run, Hide, Fight.

· Jensen Hughes is an IACET-certified company - earn one (1) IACET educational credit

Who will benefit from this training

· Employees of every level who will have greater confidence in their abilities to survive an active assailant event

· Organizations seeking to build or reinforce their commitment to safety, security and the prevention and management of violence in the workplace

· Stakeholders focused on improving an organizations overall readiness and resiliency in emergency preparedness, prevention, response and recovery.

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