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Siemens JHOPSGroup

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Siemens JHOPSGroup

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This is a bundle of courses for the Siemens group.

The courses included in the bundle are:

  • Automatic Fire Protection Systems
  • Basic Circuit Design
  • Basic Signal and Circuit Means
  • Circuit & Conductor Types
  • Class I Applications
  • Class II Wiring Methods
  • Class III Areas
  • Classification Basics
  • Commissioning Fire Alarm Systems
  • Commissioning Smoke Control Systems
  • Conductor Selection & Application
  • Fire Alarm Plans and Code Requirements
  • Fire Alarm System Functions
  • Fire Alarm System Testing
  • Fire Behavior- Introduction to Fire Suppression
  • Hanging and Bracing
  • Heat Detectors
  • Fire Alarm System Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance
  • Introduction to Automatic Sprinklers
  • Introduction to Automatic Sprinklers and Sprinkler Heads
  • Introduction to Clean Agents
  • Introduction to Fire Pumps
  • Introduction to Initiating Devices
  • Introduction to Specialized Fire Detectors
  • Introduction to the NEC
  • NEC Requirements
  • Notification Appliances
  • Plan Reading and Symbols
  • Remote Control & Signaling
  • Remote Station and Protected Premises Fire Alarm Systems
  • Signal Transmission
  • Wet-Pipe Automatic Sprinkler Systems

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