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Begin your fire protection training with our compliments!

Next Knowledge is pleased to offer this introductory course free of charge. Successfully complete the course and earn .1 CEU (one contact hour).

Fire Behavior - Introduction to Fire Suppression

This self-paced online course covers basic concepts about fire, with a focus on fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Fire is a very complex physical phenomenon. The effect that is called "burning" is the result of many physical and chemical interactions.

Upon completion you should be able to:

  • Explain why fire is a process and define ignition
  • Explain the relationship between lean and rich flammable vapors
  • List the people who should be present at a fire pump acceptance test
  • Explain the "fire triangle"
  • Discuss the relationship between fire plumes and ceiling jets, and explain the importance of understanding each
  • Define and explain key concepts, including British thermal unit (BTU), latent heat of vaporization, specific heat, exothermic reaction, endothermic reaction, physical fire separation, smothering, chemical modification, and dilution
  • List and explain the three methods of heat transfer
  • Explain how various substances function as fire suppression agents
  • Explain the difference in high expansion and blanketing foams

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Click on the images below to view a brief video about fire science basics.

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