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NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

Hydraulic Calculations


Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes:

Gain an understanding of hydraulic principles as they apply to sprinkler systems, and explain the applications and design criteria for hydraulically designed sprinkler systems.

Enabling Points:
Explain the use of computers and programming in hydraulic sprinkler system design
Explain the arrangement of pipe schedule systems
Describe the different types of design methods for sprinkler systems
Explain the differences between gridded and looped sprinkler systems Explain the "k" factor of a sprinkler orifice
List and explain the four items that affect losses in piping systems Demonstrate the ability to determine the approximate flow delivered from hydraulically designed sprinkler systems List the items that affect the design of residential sprinkler systems Explain the following sprinkler system design methods: density/area
room design exposure/water curtain

This module satisfies part of the requirements of work elements 13015 and 13025 as listed in the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) Program Detail Manual, Levels I and II General Work Elements for certification of automatic sprinkler system layout technicians. (4th Edition- Reprint Nov. 2007)

NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

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