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NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

Hydraulic Calculations

Room Design Method

Application Rules

To be able to apply the room design method, all of the walls of the room must have a fire resistance rating that is at least equivalent to the time values listed for the hose connection duration.  In other words, plywood walls that do not have any fire resistance ratingOn the other hand, if fire-rated gypsum board (sheet rock) on studs is constructed per the listing requirements to obtain a particular fire rating, then this rating applies, and the room design method can be used. will disallow the use of the room design method, and force the designer to apply the basic density/area method for the determination of the sprinkler protection for that particular space...and because the walls are combustible, with no fire resistance rating, the space is considered to be much larger, and the appropriate area of operation is applied..

Openings into and out of the room have to be considered, and they are defined in NFPA 13 for the purposes of applying the room design method.  The protection of openings is broken down as follows:
Light hazard occupancies can use non-rated automatic or self closing doors on the openings. In light hazard occupancies, opening protection does not have to be provided as long as the following items are applied: Calculations for sprinkler flow have to include all of the sprinklers in the room, and two (2) sprinklers in the communicating space adjacent and nearest to each unprotected opening.  If the communicating space has only one sprinkler, then the calculation extends only to that additional sprinkler. The room and communicating space that creates the largest hydraulic demand must be selected for calculation. Lintels Door headers is another term for this. are required for openings, and openings are limited to eight (8) feet in width. minimum eight (8) inches there can be openings without lintels, but only up to 36-inches, and there can be no other openings to adjoining spaces In ordinary and extra hazard occupancies, the opening protectives are required to have fire resistance ratings appropriate for the walls. In other words, 3/4-hour fire resistance rated doors in a one (1) hour rated wall; 1-1/2 hour rated doors in a two (2) hour wall, etc.
NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

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