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NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

Classification Basics

Electrical Equipment

Reducing the Hazard

Eliminating the Flammable or Combustible Mixture

In some cases, the classification of an area may be reduced or even eliminated reduced or even eliminated:
For example, a Class I, Division 1 area may be reduced to Division 2 or non-hazardous. by decreasing the likelihood that flammable or combustible materials will be released or that they will be ignitable. Sometimes this may be accomplished by maintaining too much or too little air for the materials to be ignitable. Methods of eliminating or reducing the likelihood that a flammable or combustible mixture or materials will be present include:

Ventilation Ventilation
Ventilation is often used to dilute a vapor or gas mixture or to keep it from accumulating.
Purging and pressurizing Purging and pressurizing
Purging refers to replacing a possibly ignitable mixture of air and vapor or gas with clean air or a nonflammable or inert gas. Pressurizing refers to establishing a positive pressure inside an enclosure to keep gases, vapors, or dusts out of the enclosure in order to maintain a non-hazardous condition on the inside of an enclosure.
Isolation of hazardous materials Isolation of hazardous materials
This is essentially the same as moving the electrical equipment outside the classified area. However, some flammable or combustible materials are so extremely toxic that the possibility of any release is unacceptable and containment systems must be highly reliable. In such cases, the area may be unclassified.
Housekeeping Housekeeping
Housekeeping is especially critical where dusts, fibers, or flyings are handled. In some cases, such as in many woodworking facilities, good dust collection systems combined with regular cleanup procedures that avoid accumulation of dusts or flyings may allow an area to be unclassified.
Pressurized enclosure

Helpful Hint
NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

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