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NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

Zone Classification

From NEC Section 505.17

505.17 Flexible Cords, Class I, Zones 1 and 2.
A flexible cord shall be permitted for connection between portable lighting equipment or other portable utilization equipment and the fixed portion of their supply circuit. Flexible cord shall also be permitted for that portion of the circuit where the fixed wiring methods of 505.15(B) cannot provide the necessary degree of movement for fixed and mobile electrical utilization equipment, in an industrial establishment where conditions of maintenance and engineering supervision ensure that only qualified persons install and service the installation, and the flexible cord is protected by location or by a suitable guard from damage. The length of the flexible cord shall be continuous. Where flexible cords are used, the cords shall be as follows:
Of a type listed for extra-hard usage; Contain, in addition to the conductors of the circuit, an equipment grounding conductor complying with 400.23; Connected to terminals or to supply conductors in an approved manner; Be supported by clamps or by other suitable means in such a manner that there will be no tension on the terminal connections; and Be provided with listed seals where the flexible cord enters boxes, fittings, or enclosures that are required to be explosionproof or flameproof. Exception: As provided in 505.16.
6. Cord entering an increased safety “e” enclosure shall be terminated with a listed increased safety “e” cord connector.
FPN: See 400.7 for permitted uses of flexible cords.
Electric submersible pumps with means for removal without entering the wet-pit shall be considered portable utilization equipment. The extension of the flexible cord within a suitable raceway between the wet-pit and the power source shall be permitted.
Electric mixers intended for travel into and out of open-type mixing tanks or vats shall be considered portable utilization equipment.

FPN:See 505.18 for flexible cords exposed to liquids having a deleterious effect on the conductor insulation.
NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

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