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NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

Zone Classification

Protection Methods

Flameproof vs Explosionproof

The definitions of flameproof flameproof:
Definition of Flameproof. Type of protection where the enclosure will withstand an internal explosion of a flammable mixture that has penetrated into the interior, without suffering damage and without causing ignition, through any joints or structural openings in the enclosure, of an external explosive gas atmosphere consisting of one or more of the gases or vapors for which it is designed. and explosionproof explosionproof:
Definition of Explosionproof Apparatus. Apparatus enclosed in a case that is capable of withstanding an explosion of a specified gas or vapor that may occur within it and of preventing the ignition of a specified gas or vapor surrounding the enclosure by sparks, flashes, or explosion of the gas or vapor within, and that operates at such an external temperature that a surrounding flammable atmosphere will not be ignited thereby. are very similar, but the protection techniques are not precisely the same and are not interchangeable. Flameproof equipment is suitable only for Class I, Zone 1 or Zone 2 areas. Similarly, although explosionproof enclosures are often mentioned in Article 505 with regard to seals, flexible cords, and the like, Section 505.8, which describes the permitted protection techniques in zone-classified areas, does not mention explosionproof equipment does not mention explosionproof equipment:
However, according to Section 505.20, equipment identified for use in Class I, Division 1 and Division 2 is permitted in Class I, Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas respectively.. Flameproof equipment is often made from high-quality reinforced plastics rather than just the heavy cast metal that is characteristic of explosionproof enclosures, and the testing criteria also differ from the requirements for explosionproof enclosures.
NOTE: This is an unformatted excerpt from our online fire protection training library.

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