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Minimum Technical Specifications

Jensen Hughes Academy's online training courses may be accessed on PCs running Microsoft Windows 7 or above and on Macs.

Supported browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer (IE8 and above)
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox (Version 9 and above)

Additional components are required to access some features of the training. These components are freely available and are installed by default on most browsers.

  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets provide page formatting and some interactive elements.

    It is supported by most modern web browsers by default and is required for proper system operation.

  • Cookies- Cookies are a feature of web browsers to store small snippets of information on your computer. They are typically enabled by default, but some people turn them off, or block them using other software. This system's use of cookies is minimal and for this session only. They will delete/expire automatically when you close your web browser. If you are blocking/managing your cookies manually, you must allow them for this system to perform properly.

  • JavaScript- JavaScript enables "client side scripting". This system requires a minimal amount of JavaScript in order to function properly. If your corporate firewall or web browser configuration disables JavaScript, please enable it.

  • Embedded Audio and Video- Audio and Video files require a player. Most Microsoft Windows systems use Microsoft Media Player but other freely available software such as VLC from VideoLan.ORG works as well. Macintosh and Linux variants should work well in most courses.

  • Flash Player- Flash" is a proprietary rich media file format that is used by some courses for both content and interactive elements. Please download and install it using the button to the right before entering the system for the best experience.

  • PDF Viewer- PDF is a proprietary "Portable Document Format" file that the system uses to generate certificates. It is required if you wish to view or print out certificates. The system uses PDF version 1.3, and is compatible with many non-Adobe PDF viewers, but we highly recommend you use the basic free Adobe Reader.

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