Central Station Fire Alarm Systems

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Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0.10

Expected Duration: 1 Hour

This self-paced online course covers the requirements for central station supervising station systems. A central station is a UL listed facility, with some strict requirements.

Upon completion you should be able to:

  • Understand the six elements that are required to be present when central station service is provided
  • List the components that are required for UL listing in a central station
  • Define subsidiary station, circuit adjustment, and retransmission
  • Explain the advantages of central station service over other alarm systems connected to monitoring companies
  • List the documents that a central station service company is required to meet for listing purposes
  • List the acceptable methods of signal retransmission
  • Explain why two people are required to be present in the central station at all times
  • List the requirements of central station personnel in handling alarm signals, trouble signals, and supervisory signals

Who Will Benefit

Anyone whose job involves designing, reviewing, evaluating or installing fire protection systems, including: designers, installers, engineers, electrical contractors, technicians, project managers, fire marshals, and architects

Course Summary

  • For many years, full central station service was available in only large metropolitan areas, due to limitations with the technology that was available at the time. However, with modern telephone technology, geographic limitations no longer exist.
  • Central station service is operated by private alarm companies for the purpose of making a profit. They not only deal with fire alarm systems, but may monitor security systems and manufacturing facility operations. 
  • The central station is a listed entity, conforming to strict standards outlined in UL/ANSI 827. This document outlines requirements for building construction of the physical central station, as well as fire protection, backup power supplies, and security. 
  • Full central station service requires fulfilling six elements:
    1. Equipment installation
    2. Inspection, maintenance, and testing of the equipment
    3. Monitoring of signals
    4. Record keeping and signal recording
    5. Runner service
    6. Signal retransmission to the fire department
  • There are specific rules regarding signal disposition. Fire alarm signals from a protected premises have to be immediately retransmitted to the service that dispatches the fire department. Trouble and supervisory signals have to be immediately reported to the designated people at the protected premises.