Fire Alarm Inspection and Maintenance

$ 29.00

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0.10

Expected Duration: 1 Hour

This self-paced online course covers responsibility for the elements of system inspection and maintenance programs, and what it takes to put these in place. Once a properly designed system is installed, inspection, testing and maintenance programs will dictate how well the system continues to meet its intended goals.

Upon completion you should be able to:

  • Describe the owner's responsibility for the fire alarm system, with regard to inspection; maintenance; impairment notification; inspection, testing and maintenance notification; and alarm system contracting for inspection, testing and maintenance services
  • Understand why inspections are critical to a fire alarm system
  • Explain the basic requirements for maintenance of a fire alarm system
  • Explain the periodic inspection requirements for fire alarm control units, batteries, initiating devices, notification appliances, and signal transmission equipment
  • Explain the items that should be considered during an inspection of fire alarm system equipment

Who Will Benefit

Anyone whose job involves designing, reviewing, evaluating or installing fire protection systems, including: designers, installers, engineers, electrical contractors, technicians, project managers, fire marshals, and architects

Course Summary

  • A fire alarm system is only as good as the last time it was subjected to a thorough inspection and test. Inspections reveal all of the problems that can affect the proper operation of the system.
  • People often do things that make a system less likely to operate the way it was intended to operate. Coffee cups placed on detectors, valve switches damaged by the maintenance crews and changes in occupancies are all things that fire alarm inspections reveal.
  • Inspections of different parts of the system are conducted at different frequencies based on history. Some items are more prone to be damaged and blocked than others are, thus different frequencies.
  • Maintenance of fire alarm systems is relatively simple to figure out. The manufacturer's information on the different parts of the system dictates how it is maintained. There is no one generic system for fire alarm system maintenance; following the manufacturer's instructions and timeframes are imperative.
  • In today's world, the computer is a valuable tool in establishing maintenance and inspection records. Spreadsheets containing the dates when different inspections are due, and when maintenance should be performed are easy to maintain documents. Instructions can also be put right into the spreadsheet so that inspections and maintenance operations are done properly and on time.