Firestopping Bundle

$ 99.00

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0.50

Expected Duration: 5 Hours

This self-paced online series covers the essentials of firestopping, including the applicable codes and criteria, firestopping materials, system selection, installation, and firestopping inspection. Complete all five modules to qualify for .5 CEU.

These modules are included in the series:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Firestopping and Applicable Codes
  • Module 2 - Firestopping Products and Materials
  • Module 3 - Firestop System Selection
  • Module 4 - Firestop Installation Methods and Instructions
  • Module 5 - Firestopping Inspections and Safety Considerations

Upon completion you should be able to:

  • Identify the purpose of fire barriers and firestopping, distinguish between active and passive fire protection, and explain the fundamental code requirements related to firestopping.
  • Describe standard tests that apply to firestopping products, the ratings applied to products and how firestop systems are classified in the UL Fire Resistance Directory
  • Explain how to install the components of a firestop system, including caulks and sealants, collars, pillows, putty and other products.
  • Perform inspections of firestopping installations during construction and upgrade projects, and perform periodic inspections of the fire barriers and firestopping during the life of a building.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone whose job involves designing, reviewing, evaluating or installing fire protection systems, including: designers, installers, engineers, electrical contractors, technicians, project managers, fire marshals, and architects.